Return Authorization Policy

This Return Goods Policy of Cipla USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cipla Limited, utilizes United Parcel Services of America Inc. (UPS®) for processing returns of Cipla USA products. Cipla USA reserves the right to deny credit and does not assume responsibility for charges incurred by customers using return companies other than UPS.

Return Processing Agent

All eligible Cipla USA returns should be sent to UPS. In order to receive reimbursement, all returned product must include an invoice/debit memo, approved return authorization number provided by UPS, and shipped prepaid to:

UPS Supply Chain Services
c/o Cipla USA
1860 Outer Loop Road, Door 409P
Louisville, KY 40219

Request for return authorization should be sent to your customer service representative or email, subject line Cipla Return.

Terms of Return Policy

All products purchased from Cipla USA or its authorized wholesalers must be returned directly to UPS. Cipla USA reserves the right to refuse credit when product is returned from unauthorized wholesalers or alternate channels.

By returning the product to Cipla USA (through UPS), you authorize Cipla USA and its return processing agent to destroy, with or without payment or other recourse, any returned product. Cipla USA will determine if the returned product qualifies for credit or refund.

Direct purchases are eligible for credit to be applied against outstanding account activity. Indirect customers who have active indirect purchasing contracts with Cipla USA will receive refunds via check. The refund or credit value of the returned product will be price purchased less credits and adjustment or the current active contract price for the product, whichever is lower.

Credit or refund will be processed directly to the customer within 60 days after receipt of an approved return. Unauthorized deductions will not be accepted.

Cipla USA will not pay or reimburse any service fees to the purchaser or third party return processor. All products must be returned to UPS® for processing and destruction.

Transportation charges including prepaid freight and insurances will be the responsibility of the customer.

Cipla may request proof of purchase on all product returned for credit or refund.

Returnable Product for Credit or Refund

A product qualifies for credit or refund if it meets the following criteria

  • Product was purchased directly from Cipla USA under a direct contract
  • Product was purchased from an authorized wholesaler under an indirect contract with Cipla USA
  • Product is returned to UPS®
  • Product is Cipla USA labeled product and is returned undamaged in full, unopened, and sealed
  • Product will expire in 6 months or less but does not exceed beyond 12 months of expiration
  • Product returned within 30 days of receiving the return authorization from Cipla USA
  • Concealed damage claims made within 5 days of receipt
  • Product is recalled. Recalled product must be returned separately and returned through Cipla USA’s recall processing service

Non-Returnable Product

  • Outside the acceptable expiration range
  • Product label is missing or unreadable
  • Product purchased at sacrifice, fire, or bankruptcy sales
  • Sold on a promotion or on a non-returnable basis
  • Overstock items
  • Product returned without a return authorization form
  • Product that has been relabeled, repacked, or adulterated in any way
  • Were previously dispensed to a patient
  • Partial product except where mandated by state statute, i.e. Georgia, North Carolina, and Mississippi.
  • Product processed by a 3rd party returned processing agent that is not UPS®
  • Returns made after 30 days of receiving a return authorization from Cipla USA
  • Concealed damage claims more than 5 days after receipt
  • Product discontinued for more than 1 year
  • Product damaged to insurable causes such as fire or natural disasters or if damaged/deteriorated due to improper handling or storage by the customer
  • Product purchased or distributed contrary to federal, state, or local laws
  • Product sold to any City, County, State, and/or Federal entity for the purpose of stock piling directly by Cipla USA or through an authorized wholesaler

Disclaimer: Cipla USA reserves the rights to amend this policy at its sole discretion and will notify changes of this policy in writing. This statement of policy shall supersede any previous version or statement(s) regarding Cipla’s USA return policy to its customers whether in writing, oral, or established through the course of dealing with Cipla USA.